Import From Excel
For advanced users only. All import files must be saved specifically as Microsoft Excel 5.0/95 Workbook(*.xls). If you have your list already made on an excel spreadsheet you can now import to Bumjenga. To do so you will have to do some resorting and formatting, but it should be easier than retyping it all up. If you are going to import you should do so if you have not yet input any names or eliminate the names you have already input from your excel import file to avoid duplicate entries. This feature is hidden to avoid complications for non advanced computer users. The cd that contains our software should have a copy of the preformatted excel sheet that need to be used to import or download it from www.bumjenga.net/import/GuestList.xls. Find this sheet and cut and paste your information as indicated in the directions on the top. All cells with a Yes or a No will default to no if left blank and so you should only really fill out the ones the read Yes to save time.
If you are just importing names leave the table # fields blank. If you have table names instead of Numbers you must import them as numbers and then change them to name within the software. Only import one time. To Acces this feature simply right click on the setup window border (see image under this section) and choose, "Import Bumjenga Formatted Excel File" and follow the directions.
Import compatible with import file saved as "Microsoft Excel 5.0/95 Workbook(*.xls) "only. *beware "Microsoft Excel 97-2002 &5.0/95 Workbook(*.xls)" is a similar choice but will not